Worldwide Graphite Producers Ltd.

Worldwide Graphite Producers Ltd. is a privately held company registered in the Province of British Columbia. It was incorporated to hold title to the graphite mineralclaims. The Province requires that a corporation holding mineral properties be registered in British Columbia.

While our mining activities are conducted in BC, our corporate head office is located in Toronto.

Mission Statement

The mission of Worldwide Graphite Producers Ltd. is to acquire, explore and develop industrial mineral properties in the Province of British Columbia. We are currently focused on developing the Superior Graphite Mineral Claims and plan exploration on the Amar and Koch units.

Our plan is to utilize the most advanced technology in constructing a new multi-million dollar state of the art mill in which to convert our mineral resources to valuable high-quality flake graphite for applications in the refractory, foundry, steel, automotive, fuel cell, lithium-ion battery and other new high-tech industries. This high-quality flake market niche is the emerging growth sector of the graphite industry.

Our corporate social responsibility policies encompass concern for the health and safety of our employees and contractors. We plan to engage in a complete and meaningful consultation with the communities in which we operate. We respect the land on which we conduct our activities and we intend to ensure that it remains a sustainable resource for future generations.

We act to enhance shareholder value and concurrently, in good faith, fulfill our corporate obligations to the communities in which we operate.

Worldwide Graphite Producers Ltd. is a closely held private company and Mr. David Amar serves as President of the Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Company has an authorized capital of Five Hundred Million (500,000,000) common, no par value shares.

Our People

Worldwide Graphite Producers Ltd. is managed by senior and experienced mining professionals. There is also a supplementary staff of engineers, field geologists, miners, computer professionals, solicitors, accountants, financial, project and support consultants.

David Amar is the company’s founder. He is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Amar has extensive experience as a principal in several exploration companies in British Columbia as well as Central and South America.

Mr. Amar is a veteran of the international mineral and gem business and is presently a member of the U.S. Jewellery Board of Trade (JBT) and is the current President of Crown Diamonds, Gems and Minerals Ltd.

Emile Amar is vice president of the company. Mr. Amar holds an electrical technician’s license. Mr. Amar took on further studies in electrical technology and computer sciences at Ryerson Institute in Toronto, Canada.
Aside from his electrical background, Emile Amar is also an accomplished real estate agent and has held a commercial real estate practice in Toronto, Canada since 1989.

Avi Amar is the company’s director of marketing, research and development. Mr. Amar has a background in Marketing from Trent University as well as Business Management from York University. From the roots up, Avi Amar has played an integral role in the company, since April 2000.

Mr. Amar is a member of the Toronto Olympic Committee. As a speaker to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Mr. Amar has made the acquaintances of former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and former Ontario Premier Mike Harris. 

Claude Amar is a director and shareholder of the company.

Elie Amar is a director and shareholder of the company.

George G. Addie, P. Eng. (BC), is a Professional Engineer in the Province of British Columbia. He is a graduate of Mt. Allison University in New Brunswick and Washington State University, USA with degrees in Geology. Mr. Addie has worked for Rio Algoma, Cominco and many other companies during his long career. He was with the British Columbia Department of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources as the District Geologist for Nelson, British Columbia. He is a Fellow in good standing of the Geological Association of Canada. He is the author of two exploration reports on the graphite claims.

Gordon Cowie, P. Eng., has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, from which he graduated in 1965. Mr. Cowie worked for Noranda Potash Mine at Viscount, Sask. and worked on the crusher and flotation plant for Dickenson Mines at Red Lake. He is an expert on critical path schedules and plant design and construction especially from a project management or time management perspective. His work has taken him to Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and Turkey. He has also worked on behalf of the World Bank. He is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario. Mr. Cowie is a consultant to the Company.

John Rapski, BES, is an honours graduate of the University of Waterloo in Environmental Studies in 1972. He has been employed as a Consultant to the mining industry since 1979 and has held an Ontario Prospecting License since 1979. He is an independent contractor to the Company.

Horst Klassen is the prospector who first staked the Superior Claims in 1996-1997. He is retained by the Company on contract to assist the geologists and engineers who currently work on the property. He has extensive experience in mining in the Kootenays and is knowledgeable regarding BC mining laws and regulations.


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